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Clinical Herbalist Cassidy Moss

Cassidy is a clinical herbalist based in Seattle working with clients worldwide. Her passion for plant medicine came from working with the land and learning the herbs that were traditionally used by many cultures as primary healthcare methods. Cassidy combines her love of nature and gardening with her extensive knowledge of herbal medicine to provide personalized and effective wellness plans for her clients.

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What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine, also known as botanical medicine, is a holistic approach to healthcare that utilizes plants to promote healing and enhance well-being. Clinical herbalists, skilled in the art of herbal medicine, employ their knowledge to address specific health concerns. Cassidy sees a wide variety of clients and uses her extensive protocols to meet individual health goals. She has a particular interest in working on mental health stabilization, women’s health, and hormone balancing. By combining traditional wisdom and scientific knowledge she supports clients’ overall wellness through lifestyle optimization and natural and plant-based remedies.

Find a Long Term Solution for Your Health

Root Cause Healing

Get to the root of your health problems by working foundationally to reset your health routines

Customized Formulas

Work with an herbalist that will tailor your herbal recommendations to match your schedule, tastes, and lifestyle - All herbs are formulated after consultation to allow for custom care.

Comprehensive Knowledge

Cassidy is trained in holistic herbalism and provides educational resources to help spread the knowledge of medicinal plants. Subscribe to our newsletter for free educational articles!

Compassion Based Plans

With compassion at the heart of each plan, you will leave feeling heard and understood with a plan that is achievable and fits your life and needs.

Why work with Moss Herbalism?

Cassidy Moss is a dedicated practitioner of Herbal medicine, offering reliable and effective herbal solutions using research-based formulations for natural healing. With a commitment to root cause healing and tailored plans, Cassidy provides personalized holistic care using the highest quality botanical ingredients. As a client, you will leave with optimized foundational routines and herbal formulas to set you up for long-term natural health.

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