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Personal Herbal Recommendation $40

This is a custom recommendation of herbs that could be useful in your life, created after you complete the health questionnaire. This is not a physical product it is a curated selection of herbs created by clinical herbalist Cassidy Moss that will best meet your health needs. You are welcome to take this formula to your local herb shop or order from my online shop. After completing the questionnaire you will be directed to the shop to purchase for $40 – The custom recommendation will be emailed to you within two buisness days.


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List one thing you wish to focus on with these herbs
Choose one type of formula are you interested in
Tea blends are loose leaf and will need to be brewed daily for medicinal results - tea blends are often less expensive to purchase. Tinctures are more expensive but are concentrated, portable, and more convenient for many people. Topical applications are appropriate for muscle soreness, joint pain, skin problems or small abrasions.
List any condition regardless of relation to the health goal we are formulating for
Are you currently taking any medications
Have you had a surgery in the last 4 months?
Are you pregnant?
Are you breastfeeding?
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1= low 10= Unbearable
Selected Value: 0
1=Insomnia 10= 8+ hours of restful sleep
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1 = Sedentary 10 = Movement is an established habit
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1=I feel under nourished by my food 10= I am getting everything I need from my nutritional intake
I, Cassidy Moss am a Clinical Herbalist, I am not a doctor and I am not licensed to diagnose, prescribe or medically treat any medical conditions. This questionnaire and custom formula is a collaborative effort to improve your health with your personal expressions and my education around herbalism and holistic health habits. I am NOT a medical doctor nor do I practice standard Western medical assessment, diagnosis or treatment. I do not claim to cure disease, nor do I offer advice about the use of any type of pharmaceuticals or medications at any time. I have no objections to clients being seen or evaluated by their own medical doctor. If you have any questions or concerns about your health, I highly recommend you discuss them with your physician. I encourage you to share and discuss my recommendations with any other health care professionals. Understand that a full consult will provide a more comprehensive reccomendation and will include synergystic supportive lifestyle recommendations. Clients are not obligated to buy any products from my practice and I encourage clients to purchase herbs wherever it is most convenient for them. The recommended herbs I suggest are not a replacement for the medications prescribed by your Medical Doctor. Any reaction or adverse symptom from taking the custom herbal formula is not the liability of Moss Herbalism or Cassidy Moss.