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Herbalist Cassidy Moss

Cassidy began her connection to plants 10 years ago, studying the wild edible and medicinal plants when she moved to Whidbey Island. The pacific northwest has an untamed wild to it that demands respect. With an eagerness to learn the secrets of the land, Cassidy poured her time into studying plant medicine and began practicing as a clinical herbalist helping clients to utilize the abundant medicine the earth has to offer for each of us.

person holding green plants

The Moss Herbalism Approach

Drawing from traditional and contemporary methods, Cassidy’s approach to herbalism emphasizes strengthening the systems your body already has in place to improve health in a sustainable and long term way. This gets to the root of health concerns by working with medicinal herbs that work in symbiosis with your body, as humans have for thousands of years. Moss Herbalism is built on a four-pillar approach, seeking out ways to bring your stress, nutrition, movement, and sleep into balance, setting up a solid foundation for optimal health. Whether you’re dealing with chronic health issues, or simply looking to improve your overall well-being Cassidy can help you achieve your goals.

Through the use of herbal remedies and lifestyle changes, we can find solutions that improve your quality of life. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and experienced herbalist Cassidy can help. Schedule today to begin your journey to better health and well-being.

Cassidy Moss

In addition to her herbalism practice, Cassidy is also an avid gardener and enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest. She is constantly enriched by the never-ending pursuit of understanding of the medicinal properties of plants and how they work in the body. She believes that connecting with the land and finding our place in this wonderous ecosystem is an important aspect of overall health and well-being, and is dedicated to helping others experience the benefits of herbalism and the natural world.

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