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Tips for a healthier and “herbier” you in 2024

1. Learn About Herbs

Sounds like a no brainer, but making a commitment to learn one new herb a month (or week if you’re feeling ambitious) is an incredible commitment you can make. As there are thousands of herbs, you will never learn them all, so trying to learn one a month in-depth is a reasonable way to apporach this massive goal. A great pleace to start is the mossherbalism newsletter that highlights herbs and their uses regularly! Just subscribe and the hard part is done.

2. Make a Tea Habit

The most surefire way to start getting into relationship with herbs is to develop a tea habit. If you can drink herbal tea every day, you will really start to know medicinal plants and what they feel like in your body. Tea bags are totally fine to start with. Traditional Medicinals sells a high quality sampler pack that is an easy intro to the herbal world.

3. Grow Some Medicinal Herbs

Try growing at least one medicinal herb this year! In a window in a pot is A-OK. Growing a medicinal herb really gets you into relationship with the herb, and gives you newfound respect for the plants medicinal abilites. Knowing how long it takes, how much care and attention the herb needs, and what the harvesting process looks like gives you a new-found and more authentic relationship with medicinal plants.

4. Start Collecting Herbs

This will begin to grow your own personal apothecary. You don’t need a huge variety, or pounds of each. Start with small jars in a cupboard, and begin to understand 10 herbs in depth, working with them regularly to get familiar with all their attributes. You will be suprised how many herbs you can find right in your neighborhood!

5. Attend a Workshop Local

Workshops will help you get to know others in the community that have an interest in herbs, and give you hands-on tactile experience. Herbal workshops are becoming more and more popular these days, and are often hosted at wellness community hubs. Aligning with your herbal community will put you on the path for growth in your herbalism journey.

Check out my workshops page for any upcoming Moss Herbalism classes!

Cheers to an Herbal New Year!

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