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This recipe is excellent for postpartum healing, perineal recovery, hemorrhoids, vaginal or anal tearing, or general discomfort in the genital/anal area. We have lots of soothing herbs that will promote healing as well as provide antimicrobial action.

The recipe is simple:

2 pts Calendula

2 pts Plantain

1 pt Uva Ursi

1 pt Yarrow

1 pt Comfrey

1 pt Lavender


Blend herbs together and steep strong in hot water, allow water to cool before using in a sitz bath or spray

Some people like to sit in the herbal water directly but I prefer straining and then sitting in the “tea” of it

Sitz baths are easy to find and are just a small bowl to dip your bits into – you can also do this in a shallow bath or just put into a spray bottle and spray frequently. Be sure to brew this fresh every time and use a well-cleaned bottle if you go the spray route, we don’t want to introduce any unfriendly microbes by using old spray.

Herbal Actions: 

The Calendula, Plantain, and Comfrey are all acting as vulnerary herbs to provide skin-healing action and the Uva Ursi provides astringency and a strong antimicrobial effect along with the astringency from the Lavender and Yarrow.

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