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An Herbal Beauty Magazine!

Today marks the launch of an incredible magazine I contributed to:  “Beauty in Bloom,” is a guide to holistic beauty, wellness, and self-care using organic herbal ingredients. I am thrilled to have this collaborative project I’ve been working on with so many amazing herbalists put out into the world!

What to Expect in Beauty in Bloom:

DIY Herbal Formulas: Unleash your creativity with over 30 recipes and formulas for homemade body lotions, skin creams, herbal medicines, and more.

Educational Insights: Dive deep into topics like Ayurveda, hormonal balance, and the benefits of natural ingredients, guided by herbalists and holistic health professionals.

Empowering You: “Beauty in Bloom” is more than a publication; it’s your companion on the path to self-empowerment, enabling you to take charge of your beauty and well-being.

You can find a special article from me about lymphatic health!

Choose your path to “Beauty in Bloom”:
30% off during the launch period  (11/27-12/7)

📖 Printed: Immerse yourself in the tangible beauty of Beauty in Bloom.
$24.99 (original) $17.49 (sale)

🌐 Digital: Dive into the world of “Beauty in Bloom” instantly.
$18.49 (original) $12.95 (sale)

Click Here to Shop this Incredible Edition!

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